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The essence of the peer review process is to provide constructive feedback for articles submitted to the Law and Justice Online Journal.


Before reviewing the manuscript, please read the editorial policy, aims, and scope of the journal.


Please provide the author with the quantity and quality of feedback that you would like to receive for your own papers. But, please bear in mind that most authors are undergraduate university students, and in most cases, this submission is their very first. Also, one of the main objectives of the journal is to give students the opportunity to learn from the publication process. So, we would like you to give the authors constructive feedback on how to make the submission even better, particularly if you think it is not ready for publication.


Please make both general and specific comments about the manuscript. General comments should include discussions on guiding the author on the areas where the manuscript is weaker, sections that need revisions or more attention, restructuring recommendations, methodology issues, etc. Specific comments should include typos, grammatical errors, unclear statements, contradictions, etc.


Please provide us with your recommendation regarding acceptance. Let us know if you recommend the publication of the paper, if you recommend the publication subject to minor revisions, subject to major revisions, or if you do not recommend the publication of the paper.


The review should include all the sections noted above and should be about two to four pages long.